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5 & 6 September 2024

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Global, local and in tune with the times

As industry experts, we know: hospitality and constant change are two sides of the same coin. Whether it’s development, investment or hotel operations, the crisis has shown just how important flexibility and an innovative mindset are if you want to be successful. But what’s on the horizon? How does best practice become next practice? Which asset class is particularly promising for investments? Which financing forms are suited to hotel projects in the long term? And how can we rethink “Swissness”? At our conference, we will be running the rule over all things hospitality real estate investment-related, and discussing the latest developments in the field with the who's who of the industry. Always from a global perspective and with a specific focus on the DACH region and the Swiss real estate sector. You can also look forward to insights from the industry, captivating keynotes and talks on hospitality trends. So if you’re interested in expanding and consolidating your own personal network, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the club

The name of our industry event says it all. Here at the Swiss Hospitality Investment Club we want to go beyond just comparing notes and help you to build authentic connections. Innovative, high-impact and diverse. More than just another event like all the rest, but out of the box and primed for success on behalf of your business. And besides this content and the personal touch, this year’s event is designed to deliver a compelling source of inspiration.

Good reasons to join

  • Meet key industry decision makers
  • Zero in on the latest trends before everyone else
  • Shape the future of the industry in engaging discussions
  • Experience the full range of hospitality investments
  • And: catch up with old acquaintances and forge new contacts
Leute beim networken
Tanja Millner
Meet the Boss

Tanja Millner

Tanja Millner has been right at home at events all over the world for 20 years now – and never more so than when they relate to the tourist industry. The driving force behind numerous industry events, Tanja is used to seeing her creations – such as the 2021 Zurich Hospitality Summit and the first Swiss Hospitality Investment Club in 2022 – go on to achieve international acclaim. As a passionate event director and consummate networker, she has an intuitive understanding of what makes the distinction between a good industry event and a great one.

„If you want to help develop the industry of tomorrow, you also need ground-breaking hospitality events. Conference room with run-of-the-mill, front-facing lecture? No thanks! Which is why we’re offering an overarching, multi-layered concept that is not only informative, but inspires people too.“

Meet the Partners
Claus Jacobs

Claus Jacobs

Managing Director
Claus Jacobs Network
Ion Eglin

Ion Eglin

Partner & President of the Board of Directors
Bratschi AG
Daniel Schneider

Daniel Schneider

Founder & Senior Partner

Joint forces:
Four companies – a strong team

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When four companies bundle their collective expertise under one organisational roof, the outcome is bound to be something pretty spectacular. Our joint vision: an industry event that shines a light on – and brings to life – all aspects of contemporary hospitality.


Michael Patrick Struck

Relevant lectures and panels, a good platform for networking, top-class participants - just the way you expect.

Michael Patrick Struck lic. oec.
CEO & Founder
Ruby Hotels

Great organisation, innovative concept, and cool people. A must-go event for hospitality investment!

Christoph Hoffmann
CEO & Founder
25hours Hotels
Hoffmann Christoph